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I visited Jana twice and both times she did an outstanding job with my eyebrows. I will definitely keep coming back. She is very pleasant and not overpriced, the atmosphere is relaxing. Give it a try.

Aglia K.

San Francisco, CA


I wanted to treat my special esthetician (Sherri Wu - Shine! Facials) with a holiday gift to thank her for her wonderful friendship - both professional and personal - all year.  Since she pampers me each month, I wanted to treat her to some pampering of her own.

I was able to go online to European Touch Day Spa and order a gift certificate and print it out from my computer to hand-deliver my gift when I see Sherri for my monthly treatment later this week.

It was so quick and easy!  I'm giving them 5 stars for this stress-free shopping experience and hope to update the review once my esthetician friend has a chance to use European Touch Day Spa's services.  I hope Sherri enjoys her treatment as much as I always enjoy mine from her.

Diane E.

Pleasant Hill, CA


This little out of the way place is totally worth finding. I have gone to some of the best day spas in the East Bay and this is absolutely the best Brazilian I have ever had.  Jana is amazing.

Angien B.

Concord, CA


I went to Jana for a half arm wax based on the great reviews on Yelp. She really is wonderful! She's extremely friendly and attentive, and best of all, she makes your waxing experience a pleasure. She used lavender wax on my arms, but pointed out that she uses "hard wax" for more sensitive areas, and even tried a bit on me so I could see the difference. I can see how everyone who gets a bikini wax from Jana loves the hard wax! She pays close attention to your skin, and makes sure you're satisfied with the results. I love how the spa has her personal touches everywhere. It's very cozy and relaxing. I'll definitely be going back to her (probably for my eyebrows next, maybe a facial later on....to tell you the truth, I want to try everything!) and I'm already looking forward to my next appointment!

Lily Y.

Pleasant Hill, CA


My wife has been looking for a good spa in the east bay for some time.  I had heard from a few friends that "Jana" was the best in the business, even better than the folks at those ritzy super-spas in Napa.  

So, for her birthday last week, I sent her to this spa to see the famous Jana for a massage and facial.  She's never been so pleased.  It's about freaking time.

Ray M.

Lafayette, CA


Updated - 2/22/2009

Jana has outdone herself yet again! She has brought my skin to the most radiant and healthy glow I never could have imagined.  Several of my friends have received gift certificates for Christmas or Birthday's and have not stopped thanking me.  It is truly difficult to find someone with Jana's expertise, professionalism, and true commitment to helping each client reach their personal beauty/health goals.  Thank you for that, Jana!

Most recently my husband got me the Rose Champange Buttercream and Anti-Aging Body Balm....absolutely amazing.  I kept telling him I really wanted the products but always forgot to go back and pick them up.  Boyfriends, Husbands, Dads etc......get these amazing things for your special women in your lives!  My 7 year old nephew noticed how soft my skin was!  Ha.  She has the most healthy, natural products that bring out the beauty of any woman.


Jana is the Real Deal! I've been going to Spa's for 10+ years, since I travel much for business. I do enjoy the "spa experience" and ambiance but what I really want is progress with my skin and body which I finally got with Jana.

Her prices are great with real value attached!

She thoroughly understands skin type and correction methods. None of her treatments are superficial as you would most likely experience in other well known (unmentioned) spas in the area including San Francisco. She analyzes the problem right away and moves forward with the appropriate combination of treatments with no nonsense!

Many spas speak of the "European" way or products. Jana is not only from the heart of Europe but has given much time to studying and understanding products from all over because it comes down to one thing - What actually works! She spends much more time on each treatment , whether it facial or massage.

I FINALLY have change in my skin. As a professional woman I am face to face with many people every day and I am much more comfortable & confident with my skin now clear, un-congested, and just about makeup free - which I have never been able to do with my problematic oily skin.

Thank you Jana!!!!
Also, huge relief to have her as a masseuse able to relieve my stress ridden body with her perfectly flowing style of Swedish Massage. A+

Deanna L.

Daneville, CA


I have had 3 Swedish massages at European Touch in the past 2 years and every time Jana has done an expert, thorough job.  Her hands have a gift.  Add to that the nice fragrance and soothing music in the spa, and the cool glass of water with fresh lemon, I come out of there feeling relaxed every time.


Pleasant Hill, CA

Updated - 09/26/2008

I was good on my word and tried a facial with Jana. It was so relaxing and luxurious! She hand-mixed all the masks she used on me so they were fresh. She was also very thorough but gentle with her extractions.

I will definitely go to her again for another facial!


I have been looking for someone in Contra Costa county who could shape and wax my eyebrows for a long time. I've been several places around the Walnut Creek/San Ramon/ Pleasanton area and received mediocre results on my eyebrows. I read some glowing reviews about Jana on yelp.com and decided to try her services. I am glad I trusted all the reviews-- she is absolutely wonderful!

Jana was VERY thorough and took her time with my eyebrows. She meticulously trimmed, waxed, then plucked them. I was so impressed on how much time she used to get them perfect. The results are fantastic. The way my eyebrows frame my face are so much better now than they have been the past couple of years. I think it's because other professionals really don't put much thought into the shape of the eyebrows and are more obsessed about getting the stray hairs around the shape you already have than working on the shape itself.

I am excited to try Jana for more services!


Walnut Creek, CA


If you know a true European Facial is, then this is for you. I don't mean this in a "snooty" way, not everyone likes this kind of facial. This focuses heavily on extractions and skincare as an art! If you grew up in Europe and started on this kind of routine as a teenager, then you know what I mean. This is a necessity like going to the dentist and less of a luxury (as it is over here).

If you are after relaxation and pampering this probably won't suit you, unless you let the lovely owner know this in advance. She is a very sweet woman and very nice to deal with. I like how she does the job until she is done, and doesn't look at the clock after 49 minutes and say sorry out of time! If it takes a few minutes longer she finishes the job properly. Also- there is no high sales pressure (a big extra star!!!) she recommends, but there is no pressure, which is so much nicer. The only thing that is odd to me is that she expects a tip, as the owner it seems odd, since she should just set the price she wants and not need to rely on tips (as hourly staff would) but oh well...maybe people are just so used to the tipping method- that even the store owners are tipped now?

I have gone without facials for quite a while because it just hasn't been worth it to pay $150 or so to have some recently graduated facialist put a mask on, do a 2min massage and then leave for a 20min break!

These are basic surroundings, not fancy, but pleasant. There are so many luxury spas around that have amazing facilities, but no one does a better than a facial here!

Fun-fact- extractions are done by hand, some like this method others hate it and prefer that metal tool as it is more precise some feel- worth mentioning though!

The quality is A+ humble surroundings, so-so neighborhood, good parking. The quality of the facial so outweighs the negatives, it still gets a 5 stars from me! :)

JJ L..

Danvile, CA



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way Jana does my eyebrows.  

I've had my eyebrows waxed at Changes Salon and Spa: they did an ok job.  The shape was nice and they trimmed my brows but the results didn't blow me away.  

I then got my eyebrows threaded at Regis Salon: I was amazed at how the thread got every hair and how quick the process was.  It was also super cheap compared to waxing.  She would also thread my forehead, which I loved in the beginning because it really brightened my whole face.  I stopped doing it though because I started to breakout really bad after the service.  It didn't think it was worth it.

Then I found Jana (through Yelp).  I was very impressed by the reviews.  She is phenomenal!  My eyebrows have never looked this good ever.  I grew my eyebrows out for literally 3 months straight so that I can have a fresh start.  When she was done I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped.  It took a little getting used to at the beginning because my brows went from bushy to clean, also they have never been this thin before.  

I then went to my grandparents wedding anniversary where there were lots of pictures taken.  I recently saw the pictures and couldn't believe how great my eyebrows suited my face.  I will never go anywhere else.  She is so meticulous (in a good way).  She's a great find and she will not disappoint.

Aber M.

Pitsburg, CA


Jana was so great when I went in for my first Brazilian wax ever!  To be honest I was really nervous and shy about the whole process, but after reading her reviews and hearing a reccomendation from a friend, I decided to take the plunge.  Jana understood my anxiety and put me at ease immediately.  Not only was her demeanor pleasant and calm, but her skill and technique were apparent at once.  She did a great job and my skin felt and looked great when she was done.  

Thank you Jana for taking such good care of me, you are wonderful!

Behar M.

Concord, CA


This is the place to go for a Brazilian! I got one years back (from a different salon) and vowed never to get one again- it hurt so bad! Anyways, I found this place on Yelp and was very satisfied with the service I received. My visit started off  a little shaky. She called me earlier that day to reschedule for another day since she was so busy, however I never got her message and naturally showed up. Long story short, she didn't turn me away and did a great job! She could have easily said that she was too busy and to reschedule but she upheld her great customer service and took me with a smile! I was probably one of her worst patients- I was sooo nervous and shaky and almost quit in the middle. Thank god she told me no one ever leaves in the middle =)   Anyways, she was so nice, professional, and clean. Despite the awkward environment, she made me feel super comfortable and did a fantastic job. (A word to the wise: if its your first time getting a Brazilian wax, be sure to take some sort of pain killer about an hour before. Also, Sally's Beauty supply sells a numbing agent for waxing, bring it with!) I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance and this killed. She did say that it gets easier after every time though. Thanks Jana! I'll definitely be back!

Ilysa L.

Walnut Creek, CA


European Touch Day Spa is a little jewel tucked away in Pleasant Hill.  I've known Jana for over a year, and she is a warm, talented lady.  I had the best facial anywhere, and her pedicures are great. When you enter her lovely salon, you will feel the excellent Chi.  She also carries Colorscience products-the sunscreen mineral makeup is wonderful, especially in the summer!  Their lip products are very good, too.  Make an appointment for a superb experience.


Harriet  Z.

Walnut Creek, CA


I have to agree with all the rest of the reviews, Jana's great.  I had a facial with Jana about a week and half ago and my skin is noticeably softer now.  I really felt pampered while I was there.  The bed was very comfy.  The massage part of the facial was wonderful, totally relaxed me.  I love the strawberry champagne massage oil she used.  Smells fabulous.  I've been getting facials for a few years now and I haven't been this happy with my skin in a while.  I can't wait to go back!

Litle one C.

Pleasant Hill, CA


I recently saw Jana for a facial after reading all her five-star reviews on yelp, and I have to totally agree that these unanimous five stars are so well-deserved.  I hadn't had a facial in a really long time, so she spent extra time doing extractions and gave me a personalized treatment.  Jana is very warm, kind, and you can clearly tell that she loves what she does.  If you live anywhere near the east bay, it is well worth a trip to Pleasant Hill for this experience.

Kathleen D.

San Ramon, CA


I love Jana!  Jana is very talented!  Jana is the owner, the esthetician, and the manicurist.  Looks like the only thing she doesn't do is hair.  :)  The funny thing is Jana was referred to me by my sister who found her on yelp and I am so glad she did!!!  I have received eyebrow waxes from her and she is excellent!  She is very meticulous and you don't leave (or ever get) the red bumps or the itchiness afterwards.  I have tried Club Sport Renaissance and Jana is 100 times better.  She also has this gentle touch that helps you relax.  I have never ever been relaxed while getting an eyebrow wax.  As a matter of fact, I'm always so nervous of getting burned.  But with her touch, I tend to fall in and out of sleep.  I forgot to mention she uses hard wax, which is the most expensive wax out there.  I can't recommend her enough - quality work!!!

Kathleen M.

Hercules, CA


Best facial ever. I am one of those who don't take care of my skin :( So, every visit to European touch is a lot of work for Jana to clean my skin from all it has accumulated in. The skin is so deeply cleaned (but without red bumps and damage) that I instantly feel a lot younger. Plus, you get bonus neck and shoulder massage - you really feel good after the visit to European Touch Day Spa.

Sanja, Castro Valley

Sanja B.

Castro Valley, CA


When I came into Jana's spa about a month ago, my face was inflamed with acne. It was all congested with over the counter acne products and bacteria. She inspected my face throughly and recommended  that I start getting her customized facials with extractions. Since then I've had three full facials and the improvement in my skin is amazing! It's soo soft and about 60% percent better than when I came in a month ago.
Jana really takes her time and you get ten times more than what you paid for. I would defiantly recommend the European touch day spa to everyone, because she does everything! Facials, waxing, massages, etc.
For a relaxing customized  spa treatment at a reasonable price European Day Touch Spa is the way to go!

Updated - 07/06/2008

just to add a more accurate update. its been two weeks since the fourth facial( the one that included the peels) and everything healed nicely. the spots jana worked on the most healed perfectly. overall my face is 70% healed. it takes time to see real results when you see yourself everyday, you dont notice small improvements, but when i saw jana again today ( just for a short visit) she was speechless. i felt very good.
I would also like to mention her mineral makeup, forget bare essentials ( she has these cups that shows how bare essentials mix with water therefore get in your skin and pores too) but her color science make up is great, it never mixes in with water, i kept on poking the powder when it was in the cup ( just like bare essentials, except it did mix) and it never mixed. i use the sunscreen power ( its basically spf in powder form due to my oily skin i cant use cream) and it is SPF 30. it also helps blend your skin tone and such. I went on a short vacation this past fourth of july weekend and used it and my face got a beautiful golden color, no burn at all!

Bojana B.

Pleasant Hill, CA



Brazilian waxing!! I've been to a few different places for this and none even compare to Jana. Most places won't do designs 'down there' but when I asked Jana if she would, she was game, pulling out a box of stencils just for that purpose. I picked out the star but there are all sorts of other designs too like a lightning bolt, a heart, a pair of lips (the other kind hahaha) and a few others I can't recall. Jana is very good at what she does and gives amazing attention to detail, when she was done, my star looked awesome and I wasn't ridiculously sore afterwords like I have been after leaving other places. 10 out of 10 for Jana, shes fun and professional and knows what shes doing.

Empressfalifeyadig g.

Concord, CA


OMG! This is THE day spa for brazilian waxing. I've gone to several day spas all over the Bay and have gone as far as Sacramento, but I've had the best experience here at European Touch. Jana caters to you, trying to find the perfect wax so you don't get hurt...as much. She is very easy to talk to, and she always wants to know your honest input so that your next appointment will be better than the first. Honestly, your'e first day here is already relaxing and comfortable, so that's pretty difficult to beat. I love this place. I've been here twice, the second time with a friend who is a brazilian waxing first timer......let's just say it's hard to find a newbie that enjoyed their first time. Now doesn't that say it all??

Miss P.

Vallejo, CA


My mom sees Jana for facials regularly and got me a gift certificate for a facial or massage.  I put off getting the facial because i don't have much extra time for myself and I'm so sorry I did.  Jana was great, she took extra time with me and customized my facial to my needs.  I will recommend European Day Spa to anyone looking to pamper themselves.  Jana will take great care of you!!!

Megan S..

Oakley, CA


As a new mother, I have received gift certificates to many different spas, The Claremont, Club Sport Renaissance WC, etc. While the facilities are luxurious, I found the massages 'rote' , impersonal, and experience of the massage therapists not commensurate with the price. My experience at European Touch was a complete turn around from this. Jana's spa is luxurious and private. Jana's massage is tailored to your needs. I didn't have to explain what was needed she just got on in there and relieved my muscle tension. She has very strong hands and a gentle touch, even for a deep tissue massage. She has a lovely caring personality which adds to the experience.The price is extremely reasonable for her abilities. Thank you, Jana. I also highly recommend her for brow shaping/waxing. I've been all over town for that, too! I have full eyebrows that need a natural shape. I found that no one just stepped up and got the job done. Always pushing for that extra 'touch up' appt. Jana shaped them beautifully and brought me back from a good two years of crazy eyebrows! They are natural and formed beautifully! If you have full dark eyebrows, she can make miracles!

Amy B.

Walnut Creek, CA


For my 40-something birthday my daughter, Cherese, gave me a gift certificate for a massage or facial at European Touch Day Spa. Cherese has never been to this spa, nor does she know anyone who has. Cherese used Yelp to find the spa with the most positive feedback. I decided to check out the reviews on Yelp. Everyone who wrote a review gave the spa five stars--I am also giving the spa five stars. The place is immaculate, the atmosphere serene. Jana gave me a facial and it was better than the one I got at Red Door in San Francisco. I highly recommend European Touch Day Spa.

Emilie A.

Vallejo, CA


I recently moved into the Bay area from Santa Barbara and needed a Brazilian done.. Ive only ever had one other aesthetician work on me so I was nervous about having someone else do it. Jana was extremely professional, warm and friendly. She put me at ease immediately and I was completely surprised that her technique was essentially painless compared to my other waxing experiences. I had no idea..I thought it was a given that it was going to be painful! Jana started her own Spa (against unbelievable odds!!), does everything herself and is dedicated and serious about her personalized customer service. I am completely impressed with her and want to spread the word... she is a hidden gem tucked away in Pleasant Hill...

Andi B.

Concord, CA


I have been to many spas in Northern California over the years, and European Touch has provided me with the most comfortable and pleasant experience I've ever had. Jana is extremely knowledgeable about her product lines, and I appreciate all of the research she has done to offer the best possible products to her customers. Jana's passion for her work is evident in the beautiful surroundings, the products and the personal service she provides. I'm a believer!


Pleasant Hill, CA


I am very impressed with Jana, she exceeded my expectations. She took her time to work on my face, and she even gave me a bonus neck, shoulder and arms massage! Her mani/pedicure is excellent too. I will definitely recommend her spa to my friends and of course I am planning on coming back. This is a spa that you would expect in a ***** hotel.

Lourdes A.

Walnut Creek, CA


Jana is wonderful. I needed a last minute appointment and she was able to fit me in on a Saturday. Best waxing experience I have ever had! I was relaxed the whole time and it was the least pain I have ever felt! If you want personal attention and great conversation, this is the place to go. I will definitely return!

Jannine W.

South San Francisco, CA




I've been to several spas- in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.... Jana is the best - I've read these reviews on her and was so glad I decided to try her out.  It is a "cozy" spa - not trendy and fru fru and pretentious.  Good parking too!!   She is COMMITTED to her art.  She listen to my problems (severe tension from computer/work position) and I told her what I needed and like a "physician" - she diagnosed the problem and gave me the massage combination that I needed including hot stones on my back to relax the muscles before starting (as oppose to the "formula" massage they offer at other spas).  My back tension is seriouisly reduced today.  She also didn't push me to make another apt and didn't push her products on me just as other spas have - Because of this "no pressure" tactic and great, amazing treatment - I'll be back and she can do my brows too and facials...etc etc!!

Kelly S.

Walnut Creek


I came to Jana two weeks ago in serious need of a Brazilian Wax.  I put the wrong address into my GPS and arrived late...I was concerned because I had another appointment afterward but the Brazilian's I have had in the past were so quick that I didn't think it would be a problem.  
Jana was so gracious even though she had been waiting for me.  Her warmth was palpable.  I wasn't even nervous when she told me she used hard wax, and I was used to soft.
The time she spent on me was more than anyone else I had even been waxed by.  I had some ingrowns and instead of just telling me that they were there she painstakingly took care of them and showed me how to prevent them next time.  (Sorry...gross but true!)
I had to rush out when she wasn't quite finished, and she took me in the next day to finish up for no extra charge.
Jana is clearly someone who cares about her clients and is dedicated to her business an to doing a thorough and excellent job on every clien

Leah R.

Concord, CA


I starting coming to Jana about two years ago when I lived in Pleasant Hill. For about half of this time I have been coming to her from San Francisco. Now that should tell you a lot about this place. I'm your typical lucky young professional - I love my job, but I work at a computer and it also stresses me out at times :). This is where the Spa comes in - 1. I'm a big fan of deep-tissue massages and 2. yes, I have somewhat porous and combo skin.

Let's take it one point at a time - I've been getting tension-release and deep-tissue massages for a long time, trying everything from the Renaissance and Claremont to smaller more boutique-like spas. Maybe it's the European in me, and not only the fact that my shoulders kill after working a lot, but when I want deep-tissue, I want it to help. Jana has really great hands!!!

On the second point - facials. The first time that I came to this Spa, Jana spent over 2 hours working on my skin. What stands out the most is that she was able to extract almost every single blackhead and pore without using any tools - by just using her hands! Once again, amazing hands, amazing touch.

Talent is a big factor. To top it all off, Jana gets to know and cares about her clients. So I guess it's the results, the talent and the sincerity that keep me coming back.


Anna D.

San Francisco, CA


So today I got my eyebrows waxed by Jana...and I think they will never be the same again, and I mean that in the best possible way.  :) All of these reviews are definitely speaking the truth...I have never had anyone do my eyebrows the way Jana did them. Not only was it practically painless but she almost makes an art out of the way she meticulously trims, waxes, and shapes them into perfection. She's seriously the best; I'm so happy that I came across all these reviews and decided to give her a try. She is very knowledgeable about skincare and I could tell right away from talking to her while getting my eyebrows done that she is definitely the one to entrust my ultra sensitive skin to for a facial...so that's the next thing on my list. Seriously, give this place a try. You won't regret it!


Megan B.

Alamo, CA



I shopped around for both a place and person I could feel comfortable getting a Brazilian. I found European Touch online-- it's a great location. Jana was a pleasure from the get go. The spa has become the mainstay for my Brazilian: comfortable, thourough and almost painless! I'm a regular. And I actually look forward to my appointments. Jana and the spa are welcoming!


Brandy H.

Martinez, CA


Unfortunately, the Yelp rating scale only goes to five stars; on a rating scale of 1 - 10, I would happily give this day spa a "10".
I am not a California native - I moved to the Bay area because my job in Seattle, WA was relocated to SF and as such, I have been looking for a spa for over two years.
The European Touch Day Spa is all this and more.  Jana, the owner is not only very professional and experienced; she tailors her massage packages and facials to match each individual's needs.
I say this because my first massage at Jana's spa was a hot stone massage; the best I've had, w/chocolate raspberry oil.  And, I'm now doing the Swedish massage and facial package twice a month that is personally tailored to my dry, sensitive skin and allergic reaction to perfumes and other chemicals.
I believe that Jana is the only day spa in the Bay area other than the John Muir clinic that uses Medcalia products for dry, sensitive, Rosacea and other chemically-alergic skin problems.  And, Jana combines this line of products with another botanically-based line called Pevonia for my benefit.
The massages and facials are "heavenly"; something I look forward to every other week.  And, the cost of the treatments is more reasonable than the price of a similar treatment in downtown SF.
Jana, I'm hooked on your spa, your fabulous line of products and the personal and professional way you treat all of your clients!!
Thanks so much...


Rosemary C.

Pleasant Hill, CA



Jana is great! I always go her for waxes, and her technique is impeccable! Shes really sweet, and she spends lots of extra time on you. Yes, Brazilians are intimidating, but my experiences with her are always pleasant. I can usually call the day of to make an appointment! She also does massages, facials, peels, and mani/pedis. In the past I have purchased a spa package for my mother, and she loved it. Shes really personable, and she is the best at what she does. I drive all the way from Oakland just to see her. If you want to be pampered, go here and you will love it.
Update: Jana is the sweetest. A few months ago, she gave me a call to thank me for writing the first review on yelp! She said that the business has been doing well because of all the yelp reviews that she has been getting! She is really thankful to everyone that comes to see her. Love her, and Im really happy for her!

Jeanne F.

Oakland, CA


The owner and operator, Jana, is GREAT!!  She gave me the regular "don't do that" and "oh no, really, you do that to your skin?" - I'm used to it.  I do everything you're not supposed to.  As she started on my many extractions she asked me if I hated her.  I told her no but changed my mind about 5 minutes into it!  Sort of a love hate thing though.  I'm going back in 2-3 weeks for another 40 minutes of torture and pain - all because I don't take care of my skin. I just know at the end of the day, I'm going to have the most beautiful skin!!

Jana also waxed my eyebrows and lip and did a great job!!  I love the hard wax.  Yes, it takes a little bit longer than the "regular" but it doesn't hurt nearly as bad.  She really takes her time and makes sure that she gets everything and that they look good.

The place is so nice inside too.  The chandeliers and over-sized furniture really makes you feel like you're in a high priced spa.  And her array of magazines for when you're waiting - wow.

I dropped $118 (without tip) which I think is quite reasonable since she did such a great job. Like I said before, I can't wait to go back for my next session (cringe)!


Betty D.

Walnut Creek, CA


I will never go any where else. The European Touch Day Spa should be in a 5 star resort hotel, lucky for us it is in Pleasant Hill, California. I have been going to the spa since April 2005 and have a reoccurring appointment for a pedicure and brow wax. The pedicures are extraordinary; luxurious, relaxing and professional in every aspect. The variety of pedicures to choose from is innovative and the quality of products is superb. The brow waxing is relatively pain free and leaves no skin irritation. I have also received the most expertly delivered facials I have ever experienced. Again, the quality of products offered is absolutely top of the line. Additionally, the deep tissue massage is remarkable in the ability to relieve stress and relax sore muscles. The success of the spa is the direct result of the expertise and knowledge of the owner, Jana. Jana's love of what she does is evident in every service offered and every procedure she provides. Her warmth, caring and commitment to quality make the European Touch Day Spa a true treasure.

Karen J.

Rodeo, CA


This is the best! I am a Spa Queen, love them and seek them out everywhere I go. I love Vegas and trying new Spas. So when I was recently pregnant, I needed to find a spa near my home that I was comfortable with. I used to wax myself and then it became too hard to do at 9 months prego.

I found European Touch online and knew where it was located, so I called to make an appt for a wax. I was hesitant since I was so pregnant and a bit shy. I called and spoke to Jana, the owner who very graciously made me an appointment when I needed it.  It just so happened I ended up sick and going into labor that same week and I never made it to my appointment (which I later regreted).

A few months after having my baby and having not waxed, I decided to call back to go to this spa. I made it to the appointment, though I had no babysitter so I had to bring my pretty new baby. Luckily Jana made me an appointment when there was noone else there so I would be comfortable and so my baby wouldn't disrupt anyone else in the spa.

I was nervous and shy and a bit embarassed at how much weight I gained and how much a wax was needed but...as soon as I met Jana and she started I was immediately at ease. I will never do my own wax again! Not only is Jana the best, the atmosphere is awesome, relaxing, inviting and smells great! I love this place. Jana did the best job ever waxing me and made me so comfortable. She is so caring, a  true perfectionist, hard worker and just down right worth it! She really is the best in the business with the best products.

I have been to spas like the Bellagio, MGM, Treasure Island, Imperial Palace, The Claremont, The Riu Jamaica, The Riu Cancun, and on and on and Jana is truly a 5 star in everything she does and in how much she cares for her clients. I love the atmosphere at this spa - it;s actually better than the Bellagio in Vegas!

You have to see to believe! Call Jana and European Touch Day Spa and you will not be disappointed. I cancelled my Message Envy Memebership, stopped buying wax and will now go to Jana for everything. I wish I would not have waited so long to discover her, this has already saved me so much time and effort.

Try for yourself and remember this is also a great gift! Valentine's day I will be dropping hints to my hubby. Jana has a great website as well and you can purchase and print Gift Certificates. Personally I like to give my business to people like Jana who work hard, provide quality service and deserve it! This girl works hard and cares so much!


Jana  - Thank you for being so welcoming and kind to me (and my baby)..

Christy S.

Martinez, C


First of all the spa is gorgeous.  The decor is beautifully done, its serene and relaxing.  It's a treat just to walk in the door. I had the best facial I've ever had there.  Jana is extremely knowledgable and she also took extra time with me.  Her products are Swedish, all natural and of the highest quality.  I love them. She also did my eyebrows and, again, she did such an excellent job.  No one has done them as well as she did.This was my first visit with Jana and I'll definitely be going back.


Nicole L.

Martinez, CA


If I can give more stars, I will. She is the BEST.

I was in need of a waxing pronto. I couldn't stand my bushy eyebrows that flap in the wind any longer! I really don't know much beauty fixes in Pleasant Hill, so I turned to no one else but Yelp. After reading the reviews, I booked her right away hoping to get decent service.

As I walked thru the door, I was greeted by a warm european - well thought out decor, the calming scent of a spa and a HUGE bright smile from Jana. As I filled out the clipboard, she brought me a glass of lemon water.

We then proceeded into the waxing room 1 of 3(?) rooms in the spa. Everything was all nicely laid out and ready to chop these brows. She asked if I ever had a french wax before. I've never heard of it before so she explained. Eyebrow Waxing 101 : French Hard Wax NO Strips is the method she uses. It's a blue green type of wax that is mildly heated and then applied to the desired area. One of the safest methods of waxing. It's left on skin until it cools down and is then peeled off - No Strips, No Waxes, No Ouch!! She gave me a mirror to see how it looks on my skin. While drying it kinda looked like melted crayons. While she was peeling the first strip, I held my breath and cringed my toes ready for pain. She peeled - but barely no pain. In fact, I was a bit confused. She gave me the strip of wax - and it felt like hardend gel. No redness or swollen arches!

She then started cutting and tweezing using the same light when getting facials. My eyebrows were never this pampered in my life! She's a perfectionist. She didn't let one stray hair go! She shaped my eyebrows to the T. She said they're not perfect yet, but in time - she'll make them look awesome. I looked in the mirror and almost CRIED. My eyebrows, oh why did I neglect you so much? ?

I was interested in her other services and I'm glad I asked. She does luxourious facials, & pedicures, massages and hot stones. OH MY GOD. I was in heaven when she showed me her line. She's a rare find. She does everything herself. She designs AND makes her own products. Her Chocolate scrub and hand creme was DIVINE. I can't wait to get a pedi!!!

I will be updating this after my next appointment - Hot Stone Massage, Full Body Scrub, Facial & Pedicure. Glam Girl GO!

Michelle B.

Concord CA



I was given a gift certificate for Janna's spa.  What a great gift it was.  I made an appointment and met with Janna in her beautifully decorated spa.  Janna took the time to access my skin type and problem areas.  She uses "Pevonia" and "Medicalia" products,  You could say that she customizes each facial, and uses the products that work best with your skin type.  Each time I have gone, she has used different products for wonderful results.  The facials I have received was are the best I have ever had.  I was pampered for over an hour.   I liked the "Pevonia" products so well that I purchased some and use them everyday, especially the sunscreen.  I noticed that she sold "colorescience" a mineral powder.  I was able to purchase a sunscreen with a color that worked with my skin tones.  It truly was a one stop shop.  I can only tell you to give her a call, you won't regret it.  I have also had her wax my brows, again I give her 5 stars.  Almost painless, and the shape was perfect.  You will leave her spa relaxed,
hydrated  and ready to face the day.

Mary S.

Concord CA


Jana is simply amazing!  Having gone to many different spas and having worked with many different massage therapists, I can say with experience and confidence that Jana gives the best deep tissue massage in the East Bay.  She provides outstanding customer service and is very professional.  I never feel like she is rushing--she focuses her energy and takes her time with each individual client. The atmosphere is very calming and relaxing. It is always a pleasure to go to European Touch Day Spa. While it's not far from home, the massage experience takes me a million miles away from the day to day stress!  I also appreciate all of the extras that Jana does to make everyone in her spa feel welcomed.


Marsha T

Clayton CA


My experience with European Touch has always been warm from start to finish.  I've got a facial and body wrap, both were the best I've ever got. The facial was personalized just for my skin type.
I appreciate the professionalism and the special way they make you feel. The services are  top of the line and  Yana, the owner is always striving to  become better. She's nice ,easy to talk to and I I've learned a lot from her.  
European Touch Day Spa is nestled in a cute corner of Pleasant Hill's Linda Dr.  I would recommend this Spa to anyone who wants to feel like pampered royalty for a day. I would also want to try the web site for a complete list of services. The services again are great.!

Jannifer G.

Brentwood, CA



As my skin ages, it's gotten ever more sensitive. I had been to 4 other spas trying to find a technique that didn't leave me blotched and broken out for days.  Finally, I found Jana.  She worked with me over several months to find the gentlest wax out there that would work for my hyper-sensitive face.  Now I can schedule an appointment without fear I'll need to hide for 4 days!  Jana is passionate about her craft and clientele; put yourself in her hands and you'll be a more beautiful person for it.

Marian W.

Pleasant Hill, CA


Jana is terrific! I had a facial done there and it was great. I have acne prone skin, and Jana spent time talking to me about my skin. She also worked really hard on extractions, going past the allotted time for the facial. I totally recommend this place. I will be going back and am planning to get a spa package for my mom's birthday. She also gave me a ton of samples and didn't pressure me to buy any of the products at the spa. The place is quaint and charming.


Concord, CA



I have been going to Jana since her business first opened. I was just there again last week. I had a firming body wrap and a facial. Jana is as wonderful and professional as ever. She ensures that her clients are number 1 and consistently provides outstanding treatments with the utmost focus on quality. I now currently reside on the East Coast, and still make the trip to see her and trust in her ability to promote beautiful and healthy skin. I have tried many spa locations and treatments, and Jana is the best! She is well worth the drive from Oakland or anywhere else in the East Bay. The customized treatments take into account her client's personalized needs while providing a supremely relaxing environment. After my 3 hour session, I was more than prepared for my 9 hours of traveling back to the East Coast.

Stephanie A

Pittsburg, CA



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